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Pressure Washing, Power Washing, and Soft Washing – Oh, MY!

Although the terms “pressure washing,” “power washing,” and “soft washing” are typically used interchangeably, they are anything but! In fact, if you use pressure washing on a surface that is porous or just not hardy enough, then you can end up doing a lot of extensive (and expensive) damage. This is what it all means and why you need to know and care about how it works!

What are Power Washing and Pressure Washing?

Pressure washing is an excellent way to clean the exterior surfaces of your home or business. It is a tool that uses high-powered water from a spray nozzle to remove dirt and debris buildup. Although it is generally safe for hard surfaces like concrete and asphalt, it is not an appropriate tool for all exterior surfaces. Power washing, although it’s similar to pressure washing, uses high-powered water combined with industry-approved solvents and cleaners. The main difference between pressure and power washing is that power washing sometimes uses lukewarm or warm water to remove stubborn or harder stains.

How Does Soft Washing Differ?

Soft washing differs from both power and pressure washing because it uses a less harsh spray. Soft washing also involves using industry-approved cleansers and cleaners that help to remove dirt, debris, and stains. Soft washing is generally an appropriate method for all exterior surfaces, but it isn’t always the best method. For things like painted wood, roofing material, or stained wood, soft washing is the preferred method because it reduces the risk of damage.

How Do You Determine What to Use and Where?

Calling yourself a pressure washing professional involves more than buying a pressure washer and throwing it in the back of a truck. Pressure, power, and soft washing require training and experience to get right. At Simply Softwash, we have the expertise to know what you can safely use where. If you use pressure or power washing on materials that can’t withstand the high pressure, then you run the real risk of doing some extensive and expensive damage! The best way to proceed is to always err on the side of caution by using the least invasive method possible.

Although many outside of the pressure washing industry use pressure, power, and soft washing to describe the same house-washing process, they are not the same. If you aren’t sure what the difference is, it is critical that you hire a company that does know in order to avoid damage. At Simply Softwash, we specialize in soft washing homes and businesses in Lancaster. Our experience, attention to detail, and commitment to customer experience is the reason we rank so highly in the community; we care. Contact us to schedule your pressure washing appointment today!

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